Post-graduate Hub Closure

At approximately 12:30 on Thursday 20th June, Warwick’s Head of Security notified members of PPU – Warwick inside Senate House that the Vice-Chancellor had ordered the building’s academic facility, the Post graduate Hub to be closed. It has further come to light that Warwick Accommodation services have removed from the building, and relocated to another premises.

The reason given for this action was the increase in numbers within the occupation. The claim is that they were forced into this position to prevent any further ‘infiltration’ of the council chamber.

PPU – Warwick condemns this wanton closure of educational facilities; it is a core tenet of our principles and objectives to open up space for the enablement of dialogue and learning. The Post-Graduate Hub has no direct access to the council chamber; and thus the occupation of Senate House causes no disruption to the Post- Graduate Hub. The location of this occupation was selected not just in virtue of its symbolic value, but because occupation does not pose the risk of disruption to any students or academic staff. The management’s actions cannot be understood as informed by a concern for students’ welfare, democratic rights, or indeed, their education.

The prevention of ‘infiltration’ is no justification for the denial of access to educational facilities. It is a deliberate tactic to create tension between students and discredit our campaign.

The management’s action is purely motivated by their decision to prevent access to the space, in order to prevent dialogue, or constructive dissent against their pernicious agenda for the ‘structural reform’ of the Public University.

PPU-Warwick cannot be held responsible for the closure of the Post-graduate Hub. Only the Management, and their policies can.

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