Letter of Support from Warwick Academics

We invite all academic and research staff to sign the following statement, which has been forwarded to Protect the Public University – Warwick.

“Warwick students currently occupying the Council Chamber at Senate House have done so with a clearly stated purpose:  to inaugurate dialogue concerning grave threats to the university system in the United Kingdom, and by extension, to society as a whole.  The students have been eloquent in their expression of these dangers, and rigorous in their analysis of them.  Their documents should be read with care, and we point only to the most obvious elements they stress:  the increase in student fees, the outsourcing of support services, the privatisation and marketisation of knowledge and skills, and ultimately, the construction of the university as an engine of social inequality rather than as a foundational institution of the democratic process, which relies on an informed and educated electorate.  We fully stand behind the students, and call on senior administration of the University of Warwick to engage with them in a spirit of intellectual debate, exchange, and concern.”

Signed by:

Daniel Katz

Miguel Bestegui

Keith Ansell Pearson

Neil Lazarus

Graeme Macdonald

Pablo Mukherjee

Michael Gardiner

Thomas Docherty

Emma Francis

Gill Frith

Ross Forman

Gemma Goodman

Sorcha Gunne

Joseph Jackson

Emma Mason

Jonathan Mee

Christina Lupton

Ashok Malhotra

Mike Niblett

Sarah Poynting

Yvonne Reddick

Carol Rutter

Rochelle Sibley

Jonathan Skinner

Mark Storey

George Ttoouli

Christine Achinger

Nick Lawrence

Gurnam Singh

Dr Paul Anderson

Nick Hewlett

George Meszaros

Dennis Leech

Rashmi Varma

Daniel Orrells

Christiania Whitehead

Elizabeth Barry

Will Eaves

John Fletcher

Maureen Freely

Tess Grant

Tony Howard

Charlotte Mathieson

Paul Prescott

Stephen Purcell

Stephen Shapiro

David Vann

Paul Whitehouse

Benjamin Fowler

Saul Hewish

Ian Sansom

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11 Responses to Letter of Support from Warwick Academics

  1. Leech, Dennis says:

    Please add my name to the list of signatories.

    Dennis Leech

  2. Rashmi Varma says:

    Please add my name!
    Rashmi Varma

  3. Daniel Orrells says:

    Please add my name.
    Daniel Orrells

  4. Dr Paul Anderson says:

    Do add my name too!
    Paul Anderson
    (Law School)

  5. Nick Hewlett says:

    Please add my name to the list of signatories.

    Nick Hewlett

  6. George Meszaros (law school) says:

    Please add my name to the list of signatories

  7. Gurnam Singh says:

    This is a very important cause and I am delighted to add my name to the list of signatories

  8. Nick Lawrence says:

    I seem to have been left off the list again – please add my name!

  9. Please add my name, too.

    Christine Achinger

  10. Anna says:

    Dear Amber,

    I am sorry to hear you got this impression. One of the primary concerns of our work is trying to establish all-inclusive dialogue, striving for greater empathy and understanding between non-teaching staff and students as well as academics. So many of us feel ourselves to be at the sharp ends you describe, and it is essential to ensure this does not atomize, divide and disconnect us.

    Earlier on in the campaign we published an open letter of solidarity https://protectthepublicuniversity.wordpress.com/open-message-of-solidarity/ that invites anyone, whether within the University or outside of it, to sign their name in support of the movement. We want to hear from anyone who acknowledges the structural problems in our society that we have attempted to discuss and investigate. We want this conversation to include as many voices as possible.

    Please tell me here or email us on solidarity.ppu@gmail.com where you would like your name to appear (i.e. under public support, support from Warwick/other universities, etc.) and whether you’d like a job description/position to appear next to it or not.

    Thank you for backing the campaign and speaking to us about this.

  11. Tara Puri says:

    Please add my name to the list.
    Tara Puri (Department of English)

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