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  1. Guest says:

    A fucking gmail account? Get serious, otherwise you won’t be able to put this on your CV

  2. Laura Miles says:

    Best wishes for your timely and courageous action. Your messages sum up the crisis facing Further and HIgher Education through the impact of neo-liberalism and the blinkered dogma of ‘private good, public bad’.

    As one of those who has suffered a 15% real terms pay cut since 2009, unlike college and universities bosses who now style themselves as CEO’s, I am outraged at the attempted devaluation of college and university teaching and research.

    It is going to need all of us – students, teaching and support staff, communities – to get behind campaigns like yours to drive the market out of education. I am pleased that the union on whose National Executive I sit adopted policies at our recent Annual Congress which can put UCU back in the centre of the fightback to defend education.

    Solidarity and Unity in struggle!

    Laura Miles,

    UCU NEC (pc)

  3. Liz says:

    I’ve been trying to get in contact with you guys, its awesome what your doing! Massive solidarity from Sussex! Wondering if its ok for a student from another uni to visit I will send you guys an email…

  4. Ingo says:

    Dear Protect the Public University – Warwick, even if I am not working at a British university, I am familiar with your situation. Hence, put me on the list of supporters!
    Ingo from University of Southern Denmark

  5. S says:

    An insightful critic on the privatization of university, worth reading.

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