Message from Sheffield University Students’ Union

The idea that the public should make an investment in the talents
and imaginations of its youth and any other who at that time
prioritise education and that trust is in return repaid in an
obligation to public service and the use of that education for society
is a supremely important idea. An idea being undermined by valuing
education simply by its dangerously defined market value and failing
to appreciate that it informs the purposes that people decide to take
in life.

Education and the provision of education should be dictated by what is
needed and necessary for the advancement of an intellectually
compassionate and good society, as difficult as that is to define (but
that is what a University is for). Not what is compelled to by the
whims and perverse incentives of a market skewed towards those with
more money. A Public University is essential to a decent society.

Which is why we at Sheffield University Students’ Union have taken the unanimous
decision as an officer team to support the occupation by students at
Warwick University of their council chamber and their demand that
their university keep to the principles of a Public University.


Sheffield University Students’ Union sabbatical team
Abdi-aziz Suleiman – President
Richard Alderman – Education officer
Sara Moon – Union Development officer
Jon Gleek – Welfare officer
Luke MacWilliam – sports officer
Amy Masson – Women’s officer
Tom Dixon – Activities officer
Fadi Dakkak – International students’ officer


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