Open Message of Solidarity

There is a fight on to protect the public university.

On Friday 14th June a collective of over twenty students took direct action by occupying Warwick University’s council chamber to hold a meeting of indefinite length. This action has been taken to voice resistance toward the marketisation of higher education and the detrimental effects this has upon the university as community. Usually excluded from decision making spaces, students have reclaimed this council chamber to bring the fight to the symbolic heart of the university’s administration.

We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with both the objectives and the action taken by Protect the Public University – Warwick. We fundamentally oppose the government’s destructive and inequitable agenda for higher education, and its implementation at Warwick and beyond.

Join Us. If you wish to have your name added, please email: with your name and additional information (e.g. role in the community, academic department, staff position, organisation…) in the subject line. Messages are welcome and may also be published on the blog.

126 Responses to Open Message of Solidarity

  1. Ron Cowdery says:

    Ronald Cowdery Lecturer Southampton

  2. Maia Pal says:

    Maia Pal Associate Tutor University of Sussex

  3. William McEvoy says:

    William McEvoy, Lecturer, University of Sussex

  4. Louise Geddes says:

    Louise Geddes, Assistant Professor, Adelphi University

  5. Anna Cooper Sloan, casual teaching staff, University of Warwick

  6. lazebnic says:

    What a brilliant set of demands! Solidarity from Goldsmiths UCU in the struggle against marketisatisation and FOR campus democracy.

    John Wadsworth, President Goldsmiths UCU
    Des Freedman, Secretary Goldsmiths UCU

  7. Ruth says:

    Ruth Pearce, casual teaching staff, University of Warwick

  8. Hannah Seaman says:

    Under grad social studies student at warwick

  9. crossdale says:

    Dr. Chris Rossdale, Teaching Fellow, Royal Holloway (and ex-Warwick student)

  10. Louisa Ackermann says:

    Louisa Ackermann, History UG and University of Warwick Women’s Officer Elect

  11. Jamie Green says:

    Jamie Green, Vice President, Students’ Union Royal Holloway, University of London

  12. Daniel Neofetou says:

    Daniel Neofetou, PhD candidate, Goldsmiths and Warwick University alumni

  13. Edward McNally says:

    Edward McNally, Warwick UG

  14. Craig McVegas says:

    Craig McVegas, violent anarchist

  15. Maurice Stierl says:

    Maurice Stierl, PhD student, Warwick University

  16. Liz Morrish says:

    Liz Morrish, Nottingham Trent University

  17. Michèle says:

    Michèle Schwarzer, PG Student, Warwick University

  18. Daniel Carr says:

    Daniel Carr, UG Student, Warwick University

  19. Eden Kulig says:

    Eden Kulig, Warwick 2012 graduate of English & French

  20. Priya Rane says:

    Priya Rane, History Undergraduate, Warwick University

  21. Bruno Leipold says:

    Bruno Leipold, University College London

  22. Maggie Leung, PhD Student, Theatre Studies, University of Warwick

  23. tm says:

    Thom May, Graduate, University of Warwick

  24. Ella Jeffreys History graduate SOAS

  25. Rhys Williams says:

    Rhys Williams, History Undergraduate, Reading University

  26. Agnieszka says:

    Agnieszka Martynowicz, PhD student, criminology, University of Ulster

  27. Richard Swain says:

    Richard Swain – Chemical Physics gtaduate, UCNW.

  28. Katherine says:

    Katherine Milne, English Literature Graduate, Warwick University 2012

  29. Kate Thorogood says:

    Kate Thorogood, English and Theatre Undergradute, Warwick University

  30. Chua Zhong Xian says:

    Chua Zhong Xian, Philosophy Postgrad, Warwick University 2013

  31. Robert says:

    Robert King, Philosophy PG, Warwick

  32. Ivor Southwood says:

    Ivor Southwood

  33. Ben Osborn says:

    Ben Osborn
    Warwick Alumni
    Administrator, Goldsmiths UCU

  34. Edanur says:

    Edanur Yazici

  35. thalimar says:

    Dino Jakušić, Philosophy PG, Warwick; British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy Editor-in-Chief

  36. Bernadette Buckley says:

    Bernadette Buckley Lecturer Goldsmiths, University of London

  37. Kieran Jones says:

    Kieran Jones, Philosophy and Literature undergraduate

  38. Railene Francis, English lecturer, High Pavement, New College Nottingham says:

    All our support and goodwill going out to you – keep going with it and good luck!

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  40. Solene van der Wielen, History Undergraduate, Warwick University

  41. Stephen Barrell says:

    Stephen Barrell, Philosophy PhD student, Warwick

  42. Marijn Nieuwenhuis says:

    Marijn Nieuwenhuis, Politics PhD student and tutor at SOAS and Warwick

  43. Suzanne Starr, English Lecturer, Derby College says:

    Fully behind your cause. Good luck in getting this government to listen.

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  45. Dominic Heslin-Rees says:

    Mathematics undergraduate, University of Warwick

  46. Chris Oates says:

    Fellow, Warwick Statistics

  47. Paul Mathur says:

    Eng & American Lit alumnus 1984. The problem started way back then with the Science Park. Support and good luck.

  48. Dan Swain says:

    Dan Swain, University of Essex

  49. Soren Goartd says:

    Soren Goard, Goldsmiths SU and SWSS

  50. Robbie says:

    Robbie Foulston, Undergraduate, University of Warwick

    (….realised I hadn’t done this yet!!!)

  51. Joshua Cook says:

    Joshua Cook – graduate, sussex university.

  52. Ned Hercock says:

    Ned Hercock, DPhit & AT, University of Sussex, UCU Sussex exec member

  53. Isobel Tarr says:

    Isobel Tarr, Warwick Alumnus

  54. Luke Bryan says:

    Luke Bryan, Graduate, University of Birmingham

  55. kenplummer says:

    So good to see that someone is at last moving to do something against the depressing corruption of intellectual life by managers and markets. Every success! Ken Plummer, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Essex.

    • David Rose says:

      I agree with my colleague Ken Plummer’s comment. We have to protect our universities from the depradations of neoliberalism.
      David Rose, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, ISER, University of Essex

  56. Rachel Hard says:

    Rachel Hard, English and Creative Writing undergraduate, University of Warwick

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  58. Darcy Luke says:

    Darcy Luke, MA postgraduate, University of Birmingham

  59. John Fisher says:

    Brings back memories of Warwick University Ltd. 1969!!
    Congratulations and solidarity.
    John Fisher, Secretary, Coventry British Pensioners and Trade Union Action Association
    and EC member of Coventry TUC

  60. Simon Heuberger says:

    Simon Heuberger, Warwick Postgrad Student

  61. Joshua Beckman says:

    Joshua Beckman – Theatre and Performance Studies Undergraduate – University of Warwick

  62. Katie Haseler-Young says:

    Katie Haseler-Young – Philosophy with Psychology Undergraduate- University of Warwick

  63. I sign this because Education is a priorty not a commodity, people before profits is not an empty slogan but a statement of commitment to our society. Keep fighting and I wish every success for your campaign

  64. George Disney, PhD Student, University of Southampton

  65. Georgia says:

    Georgia Attlesey, Warwick alumnus

  66. Nicola Goodchild says:

    Nicola Goodchild, Middlesex Philosophy Alumnus

  67. Vincent says:

    Vincent Leung, 2nd year philosophy undergraduate.

  68. Thomas Bolger, Undergraduate, University of Warwick

  69. Sahoko Takahashi says:

    Sahoko Takahashi, Warwick Alumna

  70. Jack Ross says:

    Jack Ross, Undergraduate, University of Warwick

  71. Leah eggleton says:

    Leah Eggleton, Undergraduate, University of Warwick

  72. Ciara Calvin says:

    Ciara Calvin, Undergraduate, University of Warwick

  73. Andy Pettit says:

    Andy Pettit, chair of Coventry Stop the War group

  74. eleanor says:

    Eleanor Lisney, MSIS (UTexas, Austin)

  75. eleanor says:

    Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)

  76. Margaret Green says:

    Margaret Green BA (OU)

  77. Bronwen Edwards says:

    Congratulations on taking this stand on the creeping neoliberalism that is strangling access to Higher Education and indeed all the public ‘goods’ established by the Welfare State!

  78. Dennis Leech, Professor of Economics says:

    Congratulations on standing up for the essentially public nature of the university that is being so casually lost in the tide of neoliberalism. It is very appropriate that you are doing it at Warwick because it is one of the leaders in marketisation and competition.

  79. Roisin O'Brien says:

    Roisin O’Brien, Sociology Undergraduate, University of Warwick

  80. patrick says:

    Patrick Bresnihan, Provisional University, Dublin

  81. Steven Rose says:

    I remember speaking at the 1969 Warwick occupation/sit-in along with Luke Hodgkin and others, Then Warwick University PLC seemed an extreme example of what is happening to our educational system. Today it has become the norm. In memoriam Edward Thompson,
    Steven Rose, Emeritus Professor of Biology, Open University

  82. Matt Benwell says:

    Matt Benwell, Keele University

  83. Neoliberalism is so normalised no-one questions it – well done for your action.

  84. Fergus Haverty-Stacke says:

    Fergus Haverty-Stacke, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
    It is vitally important that we resist the neoliberal enclosure of the University. Education is a commons and it is being stolen from us and transformed into a mere source of value for for capital. Instrumentalised education is no education at all, and instrumentalised research makes the production of knowledge for our own purposes impossible. This kind of radical action is exactly the sort of resistance that we need: Real Education Now! Let’s educate ourselves and each other by asking the questions we want to ask, that we need to ask. Occupying the council chamber “for a meeting of indefinite duration”, what a fantastic refusal of the neoliberal attempt to commodify and audit everything in the University and turn them into discrete units of exchange.

  85. Emma Hunt says:

    Emma Hunt, PhD Student, School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London

  86. Joe Varney says:

    Joe Varney, Sociology PG student at Uni of Warwick & Coventry Unison member

  87. Jane Nellist says:

    Jane Nellist, Joint Secretary Coventry NUT and Secretary of Coventry Trades Union Council.

    Congratulations on making a stand against the marketisation of education.

  88. Chris says:

    Chris Denson, Joint Secretary Coventry NUT
    Solidarity greetings – we stand with you against the privatisation and marketisation of education!

  89. kar isperring says:

    Dr Kari L Maund, alumna of New Hall (Murray Edwards College, Cambridge), former Senior Lecturer in Welsh History, University of Cardiff.

  90. Cat Ashton says:

    Cat Ashton, doctoral candidate, York University, Canada

  91. Cal Russell-Thompson, English Literature finalist, University of Warwick

  92. Sara Geneletti says:

    Sara Geneletti, Lecturer in Statistics, LSE

  93. Fahriye sancar says:

    I support occupy uni of Warwick.

    Fahriye Sancar, professor, university of colorado

  94. Marek Horn says:

    Marek Horn English and Theatre Studies Undergraduate

  95. Colombe Ladreit says:

    Colombe Ladreit de Lacharrière – Pais Postgraduate Student

  96. Tony Boardman says:

    Tony Boardman, English Undergraduate, Warwick

  97. Charles Turner says:

    Yes. Though the real target should be the instrumentalisation of education, be it fostered by markets or by anything else.

  98. Florence Perdrix says:

    Florence Aurélia Perdrix – Pais Postgraduate Student

  99. Laure Julie Perdrix says:

    Laure Julie Perdrix, PG student, University of Surrey.

  100. Poppy Jermaine says:

    The world would be a pretty boring place without the creative arts industry. What would it do to society? These subject areas need government support!

  101. charlotte says:

    Charlotte Heath-Kelly, Postdoctoral Fellow, PAIS, University of Warwick

  102. Joseph Oldham says:

    Joseph Oldham, PG Student, University of Warwick

  103. Pete Fossey says:

    Pete Fossey, Philosophy PhD Student, University of Warwick.

    Best of luck.

  104. Sander Werkhoven says:

    Sander Werkhoven, PhD Candidate, Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick.

  105. Anna Khoo says:

    Anna Khoo, English and German Literature Undergraduate, University of Warwick

  106. Nicola Pratt says:

    Congratulations on taking a stand. Marketisation and privatisation of higher education threatens to undermine academic freedom and integrity as well as our working conditions.

  107. Rashmi says:

    Rashmi Rajgopal, MA Writing, University of Warwick

  108. Dr Charlotte Mathieson, Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Study

  109. Babs Pax says:

    Solidarity from a Warwick occupier. Peace and good luck to you.

  110. Mark says:

    Mark Winfield, former Warwick student

  111. Yvonne Reddick says:

    Yvonne Reddick, Early Career Fellow, University of Warwick.

  112. James Christie says:

    James Christie, PhD, English Literature

  113. Christian Smit says:

    Christian Smit, University of St. Andrews

  114. Benjamin Fowler says:

    Benjamin Fowler, PhD student and Tutor. Warwick University (English & Comparative Lit)

  115. Sorcha says:

    Sorcha Gunne, Research Fellow, Warwick University (English and Comp Lit)

  116. Maja says:

    Maja Savevska, PhD Candidate at PAIS.

  117. Chris Campbell says:

    Chris Campbell. Research Fellow, Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies.

  118. Aakash says:

    Aakash Bharania, UG PAIS student

  119. Chris says:

    Chris Yiannitsaros, PhD Candidate and Seminar Tutor, English, University of Warwick

  120. Jose A. Lozano says:

    Much encouragement from the University of Alcalá. In the next academic year must persevere in making common actions all universities join in struggle. A rebel hug from Spain.

    If they have globalized aggression, we globalize resistance “

  121. Reva says:

    Reva Yunus – PhD Sociology.

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