Public support

Owen Jones, Journalist and Author

Ivor Southwood

Andrew Stone, Wandsworth NUT committee

Steve Turner, Unite, Executive Policy

Daniel Bye, Theatre-Maker

Martyn Rush, Teacher, NUT

Hel Gurney, NUS Women’s Committee

Maryam Din, NUS Black Students’ Campaign LGBT Women’s Rep

AIsling Gallagher, NUS-USI Women’s Officer

Lucy Jane Drummond – NUS National & NUS Scotland Women’s Committees 13/14

Robert Stevens, Recruitment

Shelly Asquith, President-elect SUArts

Trish Clinton, NUS LGBT Committee Bi Rep

Naomi Beecroft, NCAFC NC

Tais Yanez, NCAFC LGBTQ Officer

Vicki Baars, NUS VP Union Development

James McAsh, NCAFC NC

Fran Cowling, NUS LGBT Committee

Elvin Stevens, Carpenter

Pippa Kashka, Georgeson NUS Disabled Students Committee Elect

Beth Redmond, NCAFC NC

Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Students’ Officer

Luke Neal, Newcastle Free Education Network & NCAFC

Craig McVegas

Mark Bushell, Includoo Director

Daniel Barrow, Independent Researcher & Warwick alumnus

Felix Mortimer, Artistic Director, London

Roman Raczka, Psychologist

Teresa McGinn

Alex Birtles

Felicity Allen, artist, writer, educator, parent

Compass (

Roger Grenville, Leamington Spa resident

Tim Perkins, part-time factory worker

Tessa Pellow, Graphic Designer

Trev Clarke, actor, agitator, Warwick resident

Clive Dunkley, Socialist Party & UNITE the Union member

Tim Scott-Walker, Actor, writer

Previn Karian, Independent Psychotherapist

John Fisher, Secretary, Coventry British Pensioners and Trade Union Action Association and EC member of Coventry TUC

Councillor Jonathan Chilvers (Leamington Brunswick)

Helen Edgar, Warwick graduate, teaching assistant, Unison

Oliver Fuke

Alain Le Goff

False Economy

Andy Pettit, chair of Coventry Stop the War group

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)

Karen Throsby

David Cromwell, Media Lens

Bronwen Edwards

Dr Constantina Papoulias, Psychology/Service User Research Enterprise

Dr Christopher Madden, Independent researcher and writer

Douglas Gittens

Jane Nellist, Joint Secretary Coventry NUT and Secretary of Coventry Trades Union Council

Chris Denson, Joint Secretary Coventry NUT

Roz Kaveney, Poet, author, activist

Dr Peter Waterman, International Institute of Social Studies (retired), The Hague

Occupy Wall Street

Leamington Spa Left Unity:

Lynn Wright

Stuart Watkins

Kate Miles

Roger Grenville

David Miles

Anna Pollert

Trevor Joyce

Emma Piers

Maureen Hirsch

Robert Johnson

Sharon Wright

Jane Trowell, Research Associate / Education, Platform London

John McDonnell MP

Pınar Dönmez

Steve Cushion Secretary UCU London Retired Members Branch

Occupy Sussex

Benjamin Franks

Charles Turner

Poppy Jermaine

Lyndsey Moon

Paul Mooney, NUT Norfolk

Bill Schwartz

Nicola Pratt

Max Smith

Rugby Green Party


6 Responses to Public support

  1. Pınar says:

    Pınar Dönmez

  2. Please add my name to your list of supportersSteve Cushion Secretary UCU London Retired Members Branch

  3. Shelley DuCoeur says:

    Please add my name to the list of supporters:

    Shelley DuCoeur, Examiner for Cambridge English

  4. Left Unity Leamington Spa says:

    At our meeting last night, we heard a report from one of our members on the occupation of Warwick University and recent teach-in. We were all very impressed and inspired by your good example, initiative, courage, and excellent work in making public the serious issues that we all face. Keep up the good work and if we can help or support you in any way, let us know.
    In solidarity,
    Lynn Wright
    Stuart Watkins
    Kate Miles
    Roger Grenville
    David Miles
    Anna Pollert
    Trevor Joyce
    Emma Piers
    Maureen Hirsch
    Robert Johnson
    Sharon Wright
    (Leamington Spa Left Unity)

  5. Max Smith says:

    An important issue and thanks for taking action. The union is a disgrace. Good luck.

  6. Fully support your actions – Rugby Green Party

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